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Established in Los Angeles in 2016 Girls Gone Wine was created by Lauren Caro – curious and bubbly certified French Sommelier. She offers an array of services from unique, playful and educational wine tasting to private and corporate events to original and creative food and wine catering.

My Wine Philosophy
Conscience, creative, curious. Small batch, high quality, funky, biodynamic, organic, eco-friendly, authentic wine from healthy Vineyards, Quality before Quantity, Wine made with minimal chemical and technological intervention.

Here to help you cut through the intimidation and complexity of the wine world, from the easy lively drink to the sophisticated high quality bottle, enjoy her eclectic & mindconscious wine selection, her respect for the winemaker and Terroir for a sustainable, natural & genuine culture and the love of sharing her passion with you.

Meet Lauren - French Certified Sommelier

Once upon a time, NOT such a long time ago there was a little girl called Lauren Caro, who lived surrounded by some of the best and most beautiful vineyards of France. Lauren’s grandfather loved good wine so much he used to put a tiny drop of some of his favourites wines in a glass of water for Lauren to drink at meal times, hoping to pass on his passion.

Lauren Caro was born in the gastronomic heart of France- Lyon, a city surrounded by the greatest French wines- wines such as Burgundy, Beaujolais, Jura and Cotes du Rhone.
The daughter of the owner of Caro de Lyon(a well loved restaurant in the city center) and passionate about the magic woven by the marriage of great food and great wine, Lauren decided early on to make her love of wine her career.

Accepted to University of Suze La Rousse in 2011, Lauren became a certified Sommelier while working with her father and Family at the restaurant for 8 years.

He gave her the freedom to create Le Petit Bar- a concept that would break away from the cliche of established wine, Lauren brought us to a new exciting world of making the wine experience fun, playful and original.

Her creation involved making wine more accessible, snob free, non intimidating, exposing different winemakers to her audience mixed in with art, music, food and wine.

Lauren was mentored by George dos Santos, owner of Antic Wine Cellars and considered to one of the 10 best cellar men and wine merchants of his generation.

In 2013 Lauren competed in La Bouteille Blanche, a highly respected wine tasting competition that determines and establishes the best wine sommeliers In the French alps region. Lauren was the highest placed woman in all the completion, finishing third.

A certified French sommelier, Lauren presents through workshops and tasting experiences her extensive knowledge and love of wine just as her grandfather could have ever dreamed. She fuses fun with innovation, bringing us a to a world of wine that will inspire our tastebuds indefinitely.

Girls Gone Wine

The Company

It was love at the first glass between Calie & Lauren when they met at the wine university of Suze la Rousse in France. These two wine specialists share a common passion for oenological discoveries and most importantly, a craving to learn and explore the best things gastronomy has to offer.

After becoming certified sommelier, they fused their creative minds to launch their own wine tasting concept. Girls Gone Wine was thus formed, and with it, the will to organise events where wine discovery is as fun…as it is educative! From turning an old ice cream trolley into a pink rolling bar to presenting exotic wines, Calie & Lauren will always find a way to make your night fun and memorable‚Ķ

Girls Gone Wine events aim to offer festive themed wine tastings in a unique and ephemerid environment specially designed for the occasion. Having organised many wrap parties for French films and music events from recording studio in Paris to The “Nuits Sonores” festival music in Lyon.

Girls Gone Wine was an instant hit in France, fusing their bubbly characters and overflowing energy with their deep knowledge for their work, Girls Gone Wine has expanded to Paris, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Girls Gone Wine is the stalwart of the feminine Wine experience, bringing to life a subtlety and gentleness to the historically macho world of Wine. Passionate, creative and mind bending we have a Wine experience for every person and every taste