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Wine Tasting

Explore and Discover the French Wine Country in your home or office . During 2 hours of anecdotes and history Lauren, Certified French Sommelier will be your guide for a unique, cosy and interactive experience.


Le Tour de France – French Wine Tour

Regions like Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Alsace, Rhône and Loire Valley, Appellations, Grapes, Basics and Techniques will no longer be a mystery for you!

You will learn how to taste wines like a pro on this fun, playful, interesting and educational trip while sharing my passion, skills and knowledge.

Delish French Cheese, Charcuterie La Table d’Artisan and Bread from La Boulangerie de Paris will complete your French Journey.

Classes Include

2 Hours Class, 6 Wines, $80/pers (Min 4 ppl) or $120/pers (Min 2ppl)

– Certified French Sommelier, Wine Service, Glassware.
– Cheese, Charcuterie, Bread, Food & Wine pairing.
– Original & Fun Set up.
– Wine Map Flyers, Tasting Wine Guide, Goodies.
– Location: In the intimacy of your home or office.



Try a new À la carte experience and surprise your guests with a Certified Advanced Sommelier. Festive Wine Receptions for your lunch, cocktail, party, dinner, holidays, cruise, and many others possibilities.

Private & Corporate Personalized Events

Home Party, Birthday, Baby shower, bachelor(ette) party, wedding …

Exhibition, opening, pop up, retreat, teambuilding, incentive, seminar, conference, wrap party, retirement…

Customized Wine Tasting for any special occasion like:

– Discover wine tasting basics and techniques, vinification, terroir, minerality, tannins, acidity… improve your skills
– Multiple tasting topics : Appellations, Regions, World, Grapes Varietals, Biodynamic/Organic, Grands Crus, American VS French Chardonnay, World’s Syrah…
– Initiation and training to Blind tasting.
– Learn how to pair food & wine and, also the appropriate glassware.
– Advise to help you choose your wine according to your taste, budget and menu.
– Advise to select and buy your wine, cellaring and aging potential.

For Professionnals

– Create fresh and dynamic wine, beer, spirits and cocktail lists appropriate with your structure.
– Train your team on inventory management.
– Increase Sales and Profits, encounter with winemakers and agents.
– Improve guest satisfaction by a motivated staff and service.
– Able to negotiate purchases and orders based on volume, on hand inventory, storage capacity, sell through and delivery schedule, wine rotation.


Take a Sommelier with you to explore the wines regions of the world and their productions for a day trip, a weekend or several weeks with your family, friends, employees, clients…

Services are customized to each client’s specific needs!



Wine + Food

Wine + Crepe

– Partnership with Belle Crepe (Established in 2016)
– Galette Party from Brittany (Famous Crepes French Region) to Los Angeles
– Organic, Buckwheat, Gluten free, (veggie, vegan, kosher, upon request).
– Wine, Cider and Savory & Sweet Crepes pairing, original & fun table top set up, home station.


Wine + Cheese & Charcuterie

Fromage & Charcuterie – Meat & Cheese

All our (Cheese &/or Charcuterie) boards come with accoutrements : bread, pickles, fruits, nuts, jam. Only from Local Artisan: La Table d’Artisan, La Boulangerie de Paris…

Wine + Bites

Amuse bouche (bites), easy-to-pick-up from a Mini beef burgers, onion compote, black pepper sauce 
to a Spicy shrimp brochettes, paprika aioli 
or a Baby spinach salad, grilled pears, nuts and red onions, honey – Dijon sauce, finger foods are the perfect way to kick off a party.

Menus from a partnership with Chef Alejandra Espinoza,

Wine + Gastronomy

Complete reception prepared by a private chef, with high quality wines selection and full service by a professional Sommelier for your special event.

For Menus and Pricing contact Us